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We reimagine customer service
for Consumers and Brands

Customers and Brands are in a imploding marriage



96 days a year are spent waiting for brands to service issues

54% of US companies use overseas contact centers to communicate with customers

Only 19% of companies have a customer experience team to help support

70% of customers change brands after poor customer service

Companies in the United States alone have lost $75 billion of revenue due to poor customer service

56% of customers report that customer care services have worsened

All these gadgets and something is still missing

Do you feel like being a customer is a full time job? Why do brands waste your time? 


The average household has 25 gadgets to manage and keep working. The brands associated with those products will clutter 85% of your inbox with SPAM. But when something goes wrong only 1 out of 5 brands will let you speak with a real person.

We remove the headache of dealing with brands. We give you a ME assistant to make getting service out of brands easy. With your ME assistant, being a consumer is no longer a job.


ME provides you with an assistant that is your personal gatekeeper and helper. ME provides you a unique email and phone number specifically for all your consumer activities. In addition, ME and Kibi provides an innovative direct to brand customer service portal for the products you own. ME works while you are away so you can get your days back.

Let ME be your assistant

ME is the first ever consumer avatar based assistant that actively helps you get service from your brands 

POST ME creates trust in Brands and other MEs

POST ME provides the unique structure for a verified customer only community where you can let your Brands know how they are treating you

ME has a Kibi to manage products

Kibi is a new type of encrypted digital wallet that works with ME to keep track of all your electronics, gift cards, and brands

Consumer Side

Complex Relationships

UWC delivers adaptive and cohesive solutions that change the traditional expectations of Consumer Electronic Customers and Brands

Consumer product Brands are all the same

Brands have commoditized specs and features. By doing so they have shifted focus away from customer service even though 60% of customers are willing to pay a premium for good customer support services.

Customer service is what drives customer retention. 80% of customers will stay and spend more with a brand that makes them feel appreciated. When a brand can increase their customer retention by 5% their profits increase by 25%-95%.

We change the current role of customer service for brands. Our low code API stacks sit on top of your existing systems. For brands, we redefine the customer service ecosystem. With us, customer service becomes an added profit center.  


Using our unique low code API stacks, brands bring back valuable customer service, creating unity in commerce

POST ME builds trusted and transparent Brands

POST ME provides Brands the strategy changing insight straight from customers and the platform for taking action

Kibi brings +Service to any Brand

+Service transforms brands into icons by combining product and customer service at mass while maintaining attention to individual customers

Brand Side
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