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Protect the world's data while saving the planet

UWC Citizen Nodes 

The Cloud is You

With the Citizen Node, you, the US household become the infrastructure for the cloud. By leasing a Citizen Node from UWC, you unlock the revenue opportunity previously monopolized by Big Data. The Citizen Node allows you to plug a node in (as simple as plugging in your broadband modem) and begin earning money for the resources used from your node to support the UWC Community Cloud Network.

All you do is: Plug and Earn.

Your Node is Your Token

The UWC Citizen Node is the token for US households to build a better cloud network while generating passive income. The UWC Citizen Node provides US households the opportunity to invest in a physical asset that intrinsically becomes more profitable as technology evolves. With the UWC Citizen Node every US household, technology savvy or not, has the choice to capitalize on the newest cloud related technologies. Each node added to the network increases the value of all other nodes and further increases the profitability of the network as a whole. The UWC Citizen Node is a tangible investment vehicle that sits in your home and transparently self reports its value.

Sustainability For Our Future

As we continue to use old fashioned data centers that require megawatts of electricity, thousands of acres of land, millions of gallons of water, that generate little actual economic development, we are confronted with the reality that we are destroying our planet for data. UWC Citizen Nodes reduce data's carbon footprint by requiring significantly less power, no water, and no extra land. Investing in a UWC Citizen Node stops this self-destruction. With the UWC Citizen Node, data storage and computing can be expanded without sacrificing our biosphere.

Collective Capitalism

Your information is the foundation of Big Data's profits. With the UWC Citizen Nodes supporting the UWC Community Cloud Network, the US household can begin profiting from cloud data and start claiming a piece of the $100B+ industry. As the network grows and cloud services continue to exponentially grow, each node becomes more and more profitable. Each node operator is invested into the success of all other node operators because the power of the network comes from the collective. The larger the collective, the larger the network, the larger the cloud resources available for businesses to purchase. Ultimately, the larger the value each node can provide to its operator. By leasing a node with UWC, you stop giving your data away for free and increase economic security for your US household and your community.

You Build the Ecosystem

UWC Citizen Nodes connect Americans like never before. With each node the US becomes stronger as each citizen empowers their neighbor and their community. All with the unified goal of providing exceptional cloud storage and computing to the world.

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