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Dive into our inherently
genuine distributed cloud network

UWC Community Network 

Cloud Decentralization Personified

The UWC Community Network intrinsically by design is decentralized and a more secure cloud network. On the UWC Community Network, node operators are limited to one node to preserve decentralization and operator profitability. Each Citizen Node addition creates more data decentralization and security. With node infrastructure, UWC Community Network is sustainably scalable and continuously flexible. Using AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and P2P technologies, UWC harnesses the physical separation of the nodes and translates that into increased virtual security and versatility.

Adoption Acceleration

UWC is focused on getting Plug and Earn nodes distributed to as many US households as possible. Not only does this increase the capabilities of the UWC Community Network but also brings about sustainable economic stability to US households. Once nodes are in place in homes and verified using Blockchain Algorithms, UWC does the rest. UWC takes the UWC Community Network and provides businesses with cloud storage and computing solutions that financially impact communities across the United States.

US Infrastructure Development

With the initiatives to expand broadband to the most remote parts of the United States, and the eventual internet of everything, UWC is building infrastructure exclusively in the US. This infrastructure will prepare the US to move to the next technology age. The US exclusive architecture not only expands US specific economic development but also redefines the cloud security standard. The UWC maintained, US exclusive infrastructure will support the cloud of the world and drive economic balance into the most important asset of the United States, the People.

Community Impact

UWC views decentralized cloud storage and computing as an opportunity for US households and communities to control and profit from data that they give away for free. Not only do they give the data away for free but, the current data center model drains communities of finite resources with veiled promises of economic development. Cloud storage and computing is an exponentially growing industry worldwide, with UWC Citizen Nodes and the UWC Community Network, the exploited US community is no longer. Each local community becomes a cloud ecosystem sustainable both financially and environmentally. With UWC, businesses can create new tangible economic development for those cloud ecosystems.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

UWC sets out to create an environment that is not only easy for the node operator but also the cloud purchasing business. While UWC leverages its decentralized Community Cloud Network in order to provide optimal solutions, the platform created by UWC incorporates with existing B2B cloud solutions so that implementation is seamless. 

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